Thursday 6 December 2012

Improving Sales Performance through Coaching.

Sales strategy is driven by strategic context

…through a coaching process you can identify where the most important gaps are and find solutions to fill them quickly

The sales process is the sum of many interdependent activities

…Coaching can fast-track prioritisation of where improvements can make the biggest impact on your sales performance and ensure commitment to implementation

Benefits of coaching approach
  • Yields ongoing improvements from beginning of programme
  • Builds on current knowledge and understanding
  • Breaks problems down into manageable and solvable steps
  • Broadens perspectives and range of options
  • Generates commitment to implementing self-generated solutions
  • Facilitates decision-making and alignment
  • Focuses on removal of actual and perceived bottlenecks and obstacles to performance
  • Balances rational and emotional aspects of decision-making
  • Focuses analytical effort on important gaps and to provide evidence to test opinions against