Thursday 18 July 2013

Taxi advertising venture looking to extend reach

BrightMove Media is the UK’s leading provider of contextual digital advertising on LED screens mounted on the rooftops of London black taxis.  The company’s proprietary product, TaxiCast delivers real-time, geo-fenced, time-parted & thermo-targeted digital advertising.  Brands are increasingly looking for relevancy, measurement and accountability in their marketing campaigns. TaxiCast delivers the Right Message to the Right Person, in the Right Place at the Right Time….the nirvana of marketing!
TaxiCast is the world’s first commercially and regulatory approved digital advertising service on LED screens mounted on the rooftops on London black taxis. The service combines the best of Digital, Mobile and Out Of Home advertising to deliver the ultimate in “near and now” marketing.
BrightMove Media is the only company in the world to have achieved full and comprehensive technical certification for the TaxiCast service and regulatory approval from Transport for London for the commercial deployment of the First Fleet trial of 25 taxis that begins on the 24th June . The service has been developed in-house over 2 years through a full time management team and the company is proud that all manufacturing is undertaken in the UK.
The company is fully funded with a significant seed investment enabling TaxiCast to bring this opportunity to market.
To date, the company has engaged and has significant traction with many leading advertising brands and media agencies and have full commercial engagement with the 3 leading Out Of Home media buying agencies. TaxiCast launches in London on 24th June 2013.
They have also produced a short video that can be found on their website at and will also be delivering some strong PR messages over the coming weeks

I hope you're OK with this introduction and would be delighted to facilitate a direct introduction to their CEO, Piers Mummery if you feel you are able to help.

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