Monday 7 April 2014

Boundary Invests in Fast-Growing Data Recovery SaaS Company

1st April 2014
Boundary Capital has today announced its investment in Infinity Wireless Limited, a Birmingham based company providing data recovery software. The software can retrieve deleted files from smartphones and tablets even when backup software has not been installed or fully backed up. This means that accidental or deliberately deleted files need not cause business or personal anguish, and the retrieval process is easy and swift.
Infinity Wireless is moving its software entirely to Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) to enable an even easier user experience and also to open up the capability as a pay-as-you-go service via mobile operators and other channel partners to be able to add more value to their customer experience.
“We are delighted to be investing in this innovative and fast growing business” said Richard Leaver, Investment Director at Boundary Capital. “They have approached this huge problem in an easy and intuitive way. We are also privileged to have such an experienced Venturer as Simon Jones co-investing with us and helping to assist the management team”.
Boundary Capital and the Venturer are investing between them £205,000 initially to support growth and product development.
We are also excited about their roadmap with many more innovative products to come”.
Lee Parry the CEO and Founder of Infinity Wireless said: “we are truly excited about this next phase of growth and delighted to have this support – financial and human – to help us on our journey. We have many products for the future too that we believe will be as disruptive as our current offerings”
Boundary Capital is a hands-on venture capital company providing investment alongside Venturers who are all co-investing experiences executives to help nurture and develop the businesses it invests in. For more information contact:
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Boundary Capital
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