Friday 24 May 2013

Motivation to achieve your next career step

                             Career Motivation

To persuade a potential employer to recruit you or gain your ideal role within your current company, you need to come across as being highly motivated to do the job in question. But how do you maintain this motivation throughout what can be a lengthy search for a new position?

An article titled 'A Hire Truth' by Tim Harford in the 3 May 2013 edition of the Financial Times quoted research by Rand Ghayad, a PhD student at the Northeastern University in Boston, that shows that it becomes harder to obtain a new job the longer that you have been unemployed – and the same is evidently true for delays within internal promotions and progression.

Ghayad suggests that employers use the time that somebody has been unemployed as a screening device. His research shows that even a period of six months unemployment counts against a candidate.  Perhaps you also know people that wonder why they are over-looked for transfers and keep missing out on the roles they think they are an ideal fit for.

So you need to be highly motivated to obtain a new position. It is natural that you may lose motivation after a lengthy period of searching, but you then need to be even more motivated, because you have to overcome assumptions caused by your period of looking. 

Clearly, it is vital to maintain your motivation, but this can be hard to do without outside help. In order to help job candidates maintain their motivation, Ignite has organised an all day Motivational Career Seminar in London on 29 June 2013.

Two leading career coaches, Sarah Dudney, founder and CEO of Ignite and Simon Jones, Chairman of Campbell Black Ltd, will deliver insight and clarity into what motivates you at work and which career track potentially might motivates you even more in the future.  In addition, they will aim to ensure that you can respond to urgent opportunities too, avoiding the more frustrating aspects of the search and career development processes.

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